Javan Restaurant

About Us

Why you should try our cuisine ?

Shisha - Hookah

Javan Restaurant is a Persian cuisine restaurant in a great location in King Street, West London. We serve top quality meals. This restaurant established with the aim of familiarising people within this area with Persian Cuisine.

We recently changed the management, name, quality of food our staff and especially our head chef. Our head chef is one of the best chefs in Iranian communities with many years experience in working for top Persian restaurants in London. We now do food delivery to your home.

Some of the popular food

We have space for your events

We have a bar floor downstairs of restaurant where you can book for your events such as parties, birthday parties, christmas celebrations, weddings, grauation parties, goodbye parties and so on

We serve the best quality foods. We use finest baby lamb fillets, poussins, chickens and ingredients. Unlike previous management, there is no service charge included anymore and gratuity is at your discretion. Come visit us, call us, experience and enjoy the best Persian cuisine in West London.

There is the panorama of restaurants interior as well as exterior. You are free to make it full screen and inteact with it.